New to Agility

The Kennel Club quotes:- “Agility is action–packed, rollercoaster excitement for you and your dog. Comprising various obstacles for your dog (not you!) to run through, jump over, and weave in and out of – and all against the clock! Not only does Agility test your dog’s fitness, it also measures your ability as a handler to direct your dog over the course.”

You can download an “Agility Beginners Guide” from the Kennel Club with some tips and explanations of agility here. There’s a similar description on the Agility Club’s Website

If you are either new to Dog Agility or want to know more then why not read what the Kennel Club say about it. The following quotation is taken from the Kennel Club Website;

“Preparing your dog to be able to compete successfully will take a little longer than the formal requirements. It is essential that your dog is fully socialised and that you have effective control at all times, especially as your dog will be competing off-lead. For safety's sake it is recommended that dogs do not start training on equipment until they are at least a year old.”

The Kennel Club is not the only organisation for agility, UK Agility also run agility with different rules and regulations.

BATS run beginners courses for dogs and handlers to learn dog agility, if you wish to be considered for one of these courses please see the New Members page for contact details.


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